Oro de tungsteno trampa alerta

There are micro-Bo said China ICBC sold adulterated gold, and also questioned the domestic market, 40% of the gold bullion adulterated with iridium or tungsten. Later ICBC said that net transfer rumor, but still people can not dispel doubts.

Yes, ah, now fake stuff everywhere, eating poisonous milk powder, dead meat, poison capsules, drink a fake drinks, alcohol, using the ubiquitous "cottage" products, live in the "House crunchy", OK the "road kill" ...... is used to help the medicine, there are also fake! counterfeiters fearless and do anything really scary: what can not fake it?! not to mention one for preservation and investment banking products - gold?

Arguably National Bank sold as gold sector is probably the most formal, most reliable sector of. If even the banks are selling fake gold, I believe this market is not really a pure gold. Of course, people are willing to believe that such a fact. But fake products everywhere, just like before the exposure of people can not believe that with every "fake" stuff like that, nor reek. Of course, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China also pledged an immediate response - untrue! Department as an accident, their answer certainly can not win people's approval, it is obvious truth.

However, the relevant authorities, that is, the so-called supervision and inspection department? Of course, not ICBC's own, but the country's inspection department they can give the public a statement. This argument, I do not think that folk like cats jingling users on the microblogging said, lacing their own money to the National Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center ICBC bullion, is ah, the end result is happy: the proof bullion is pure gold, and responded to the front netizens ICBC issued bullion adulteration events.

But throughout this news, I did not dispel doubts, have any doubt: the reporter called the city of Changsha in Hunan Province South po jade products quality inspection station license, as of press time reporter, the inspection station office phone still connected. Subsequently, the reporter called the National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center telephone inconvenience told by staff to express their views on the matter.

State authorities not do not answer the phone, that is inconvenient to express their views, people do believe that a netizen to testify, giving a silent hint: bullion might really have a problem! Although users with their own experience Cato proved no problem bars . However, people still want to "third party" of the state authorities issued a statement to come forward, so that people feel at ease.

Throughout the genuine matter of discussion, not just test the national government, the integrity of social enterprises, but also the reflection of the people on the "fake" things panic. Crackdown is imminent, requires more than just public supervision, Order of relevant state departments need to take responsibility, given severe blow. Of course, the need for timely given the "true" facts strongly support, timely issued a statement, lest folk rumor farther!