Qué es aleación de molibdeno?

1、What is molybdenum alloy?

Molybdenum alloy also called Mo alloy, it is made of molybdenum and other metal elements consisting of non-ferrous alloys, the main alloy elements are nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), titanium (Ti), zirconium (Zr), hafnium (Hf), tungsten (W) and rare earth elements. The added alloy elements not only comes from the solid solution strengthening effect of molybdenum alloys, low temperature ductility of the alloy to maintain, but also to form a stable carbide dispersed phase, improve tensile strength and recrystallization temperature. The main way of strengthening molybdenum alloy is a solid solution hardening, precipitation hardening and work hardening. Plastic processing can be obtained by molybdenum alloy sheet, strip, foil, tubes, rods, wire and profiles, but also improve their strength and improve low-temperature ductility.

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2. What are the characteristics of molybdenum alloys?

- High density
- Melting point
- Low vapor pressure
- Low thermal expansion
- Enhanced thermal strength
- Toughness and corrosion resistance


3. How many kinds are there in molybdenum alloy?

a. binary molybdenum alloys:
The metal elements of molybdenum alloy can be divided into the following categories: a. binary molybdenum alloys:

There tungsten molybdenum alloy (W-Mo), molybdenum copper alloy (Mo-Cu), molybdenum, zirconium alloy (Mo-Zr), titanium molybdenum (Mo-Ti), molybdenum lanthanum alloy (Mo-La), yttrium molybdenum alloy (MoY), molybdenum rhenium alloy (Mo-Re), molybdenum chromium alloy (Mo-C r) and so on.

b. multicomponent molybdenum alloys:
Mo-Ti-Zr-C Series: Major brands are TZC and TZM;
Mo-Hf-Zr-O series: ZHM, ZHM4, ZHM6, ZHM7, ZHM8 etc;
Mo-W-Hf-C series and Mo-W-Hf-Zr-C Series: M25WH1, M25WH2, HWM25, M25WZH1.

c. doped molybdenum alloy :
A certain amount of potassium, silicon, aluminum, pure molybdenum elements, you can make the recrystallization temperature of molybdenum been greatly improved, still has good ductility even after recrystallization.

Type can be enhanced by molybdenum alloy into the following categories: type alloy solid solution strengthening of alloying elements, dispersion strengthened alloys, doped -reinforced alloy and comprehensive strengthening alloy.


4. The applications of molybdenum alloy

a. used as mold in thermal processing

Aerospace sector is mainly produced by molds and molybdenum alloys for high temperature forged engine parts. Their application materials are mainly active metal carbide reinforced molybdenum, molybdenum and optional elements to strengthen the mechanical dispersion strengthened molybdenum three kinds of two-phase alloys. Active metal carbides strengthened molybdenum alloy has good high temperature strength and high thermal conductivity, which is mainly used for thermal processing mold industry. It is because of the high molybdenum and low thermal expansion, thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance become the material of choice.

b. used in molten metal processing

Aluminum thermal cracking problem with molybdenum restraint of its processing plant material, which is usually in the processing of materials prone to thermal cracking site using TZM alloy (Ti-Zr-Mo) core and a mandrel (rod), but also to avoid thermal cracking material appears phenomenon. Use TZM and MHC rapidly solidified alloys can also improve the ability of processing equipment. Tungsten molybdenum alloy has the same corrosion resistance, can significantly reduce production costs. So now should be developed in the impeller, pump and pipe system molten zinc promote the use of Mo85W15 and Mo70W30 alloy material.

c. used in thermal spraying

Molybdenum is available on the piston rings thermal spraying. The method is to use molybdenum powder containing nickel (Ni) and chromium (Cr) of a binder were mixed and then the mixture to a plasma spraying method in the piston. The coating can be pure molybdenum or molybdenum alloy powder mix, both abrasion and corrosion resistance, and thus suitable for paper applications. And molybdenum alloys, molybdenum powder can be used with different amounts of nickel, chromium, boron, and silicon powder mixture into a powder mixture of different, but the requirements of spraying powder flowability, the thermal spray powder in the spray drying should generally spherical or near spherical shape. In addition, molybdenum and molybdenum alloy powder mixture can be used for dense plasma nozzle into different quality, more resistant to wear and corrosion resistant pre- alloy powder.

d. used in chemical treatment

Molybdenum glass melting process as electrode materials can improve the processing capacity of conventional furnaces. Since molybdenum having thermal stability and high temperature strength suitable for use as a high temperature furnace member material. For example, molybdenum and molybdenum alloys and more for hot isostatic pressing (HIP) device materials, heating elements, sleeve and bracket; ceramic fixtures in the widespread use of molybdenum and molybdenum sintering boat ; electronics industry production oxide ceramics are almost always molybdenum carrier fired.

In addition, thanks to its compatibility with the hot gas temperature strength of molybdenum and that it can also be applied in the aerospace and defense industry and other fields. But poor oxidation resistance of molybdenum but its application range is limited. Molybdenum is mainly used for fast speed, good performance and activity of valves and other components rocket materials.

Molybdenum lanthanum, molybdenum, niobium alloys compared with pure molybdenum products, rare earth molybdenum products more advantages, widely used in metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical, aerospace, electronics and other fields. Which is a rare-earth doped molybdenum sheet structure and function in a new material, by the increasingly widespread attention.


5. The applications of rare earth molybdenum alloy (RE molybdenum alloy)

The rare earth can improve not only the recrystallization temperature of the molybdenum and the high-temperature creep resistance, but also significantly reduce the molybdenum plastic - brittle transition temperature, increased ductility, brittleness temperature molybdenum improved sag resistance and high capacity.

a. RE molybdenum wire is mainly used electric light filaments, EDM electrodes and high-temperature furnace heating elements, etc. ;

b. RE molybdenum plates, sheets used punched into the SCR with the wafer and tube heat shield, guide plates, etc. ;

c. RE molybdenum alloy steel quality hot to do piercing plug, aerospace and nuclear industries also make materials, X-ray pole target, casting molds and extrusion dies ;

d. rare special products used molybdenum glass melting electrodes, rare earth smelting electrodes, crucibles, high temperature sintering boats, high temperature radiant heat shield, flow ports, rail, plate, etc. ;

d. RE molybdenum tubes can be done in high-power hot cathode material. RE molybdenum alloy hot cathode material to replace the current high working temperature, radioactive contamination, and brittle thorium tungsten cathode tube can greatly reduce the operating temperature and improve reliability.

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