Limpieza y Cuidado de Tungsteno Anillo De Oro

anillo de oro de tungstenos are then newest thing in jewelry. They have such amazing qualities that allow for unparalleled beauty, style and design. But not every one knows the hidden gifts of this terrific metal.

If you have a magnificent anillo de oro de tungsteno and worried about how to take care of it, worry no more. Tungsten with its superior physical qualities make these rings virtually carefree. If your ring is a true tungsten or anillo de oro de tungsteno the cleaning and care is very simple because it will hold it's radiant shine forever. However it can accumulate fingerprints and maybe smudges. Get yourself a soft cloth or jewelry polish cloth, which will take care of the annoying prints and smudges.

Tungsten doesn't scratch but once in a while it will look as though it may have been scratched. What has probably happened is that the ring has accidentally rubbed up against something else with metal and a part of the material has attached it's self to the tungsten in your ring. This is a simple and painless thing to fix with out any problems. Find yourself a soft tooth brush and use a small amount of mild liquid soap. Gently brush to remove the foreign metal from your magnificent tungsten ring. Make sure to rinse the soap off, pat dry with a soft cloth and your ring is as good as new.

What to do if a anillo de oro de tungsteno is stuck on your finger.

Now what if that beautiful piece of tungsten artistry gets stuck on your finger? Easy use ice to reduce that size of your finger. Most of the time simply soaking your hand for about a minute will do the trick and the ring will slide off. Or you could try a lubricant of some kind. Liquid soap or petroleum jelly work rather well. Apply a generous amount to the knuckle area than hold the tungsten ring with a dry cloth and ease it off with a back and forth rocking motion. Clean the ring and all is grand.